Coffee & Cocoa & Character

As we started our road trip through the Kootenays, we stopped in Rock Creek at the Rock Creek Trading Post.  And so glad we did stop here!

Turns out it is one of the rare places that buys fair trade green coffee beans and roasts them fresh each day.  The owner even grows a few of her own coffee plants.  I made sure to get some fresh roasted beans for our trip…coffee in the morning would be delish!

The owner travels to Guatemala every winter and aside from helping families in Guatemala and bringing back green coffee beans, this past winter she also brought back a cacao pod…

These pods do not grow on trees like apples or oranges, they grow direct on the trunk like this…

We learn so much on road trips!  So far we’ve had coffee, cocao and now for the character…the owner…she has totally got it going on, full of life, knowledge, laughter and flamboyance…when I grow up I want to be like her…I love her style!!!

And yes we also bought coffee plants from her so that in 3-5 years we can maybe grow enough coffee beans to make a cup of coffee!