Road Trip Photos

I took a last solitary trip to Kamloops last week before driving over the Rockies becomes dangerous, due to snow. It was beautiful to say the least, with Autumn in full-force this side of BC. I took some pics on the way, and on the way back, I stopped at Emerald Lake. It really lives up to it’s name! I stayed with Karen for a few days and then at my folks. It was a lovely time, and I enjoyed the miles of road to myself. It’s sad when I get home-bound for the winter, but that’s ok, because I have taken up my knitting again (thanks Karen…) and I suppose my car needs a break. I must give a heads-up that I won’t be blogging here anymore, after next month. (I can’t speak for my partner in crime Karen, this is just my personal decision) It became apparent to me, that I was getting less and less motivated to blog, and since I have really taken to my photography lately, I think I will post photos that I take on a Tumblr blog, which will be attached to my Tumblr, at a later date. As much as I love you guys and have enjoyed all your wonderful comments, it’s time for me to get into all those projects I have laid to the wayside. Thanks for always tuning in. Here are my pics…enjoy and be blessed! XXOO Jukavo

leaving Calgary just after sunrise

the grapes ripening in Karen’s arbour

I love ‘golden’ hour

butterfly at Emerald Lake

I loved all the logger jackets lined up at the store!

there was a wedding going on at the lake, and I loved the positioning of the chair with the pink ribbon

the ‘lone’ tree, so symbolic of my solitary journey

PS. I will be posting on and off this month, another trip is planned to a conference (with my hubby this time) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania soon, and I can’t wait to take pictures of Autumn there, and as we drive towards Boston!